Party Platform

Q1: What is The Party of Objective Truth?

A1: The Party of Objective Truth is:

Social Order

A system of government founded on the principles Meritocracyrelative to the current standard of Democracy.


Economic Platform

Social Capitalism, relative to the current standard of Corporate Capitalism.


Q2: What is Meritocracy?

A2: The foundation upon which the moral and ethical principles of Meritocracy is based comes from:


  • Placing prioritized value on what is socially, economically, and environmentally responsible and sustainable, with mutual benefit for all the residents of Ontario who choose to participate.


  • There is no bias in the presentation of this offered standard.


  • There is reward and prosperity without any limit or penalty for contributed efforts put forth that are:
  • Valuable
  • Beneficial
  • Sustainable
  • Responsible

Socially, economically, and environmentally to all peoples and things.


  • The economic business model for this order of Meritocracy is based on Social Capitalism, relative to the current standard of Corporate Capitalism.


  • Social Capitalism applied under a Meritocratic Order rejects Communism.


Q3: What is Social Capitalism?

A3: The ethical and moral principles upon which the economics of Social Capitalism are based is:


  • A system where pure numbers are used as the only factoring commodity for all valuations, relative to the current standard of Corporate Capitalism where currency is the prime factoring commodity used in economic valuations.


Q4: How does this platform properly address any of the current political issues that Ontarians are fed up with?

A4: A Meritocratic Order of Government is one based on the economics of Social Capitalism. It will:


  1. Directly focus on the immediate elimination of the provincial deficit.


  • The revenue stream for this will be used from 100% of the contributions and donations received by The Party of Objective Truth which  are all eligible for tax credits of up to 75%.
  • This is the only opportunity where taxes benefit the people, rather than Government; if it is used to pay off the provincial deficit.


Q5: How do the ethical and moral principles of a Meritocratic Order, applied with the economics of Social Capitalism as you have presented it, apply to understanding the real, tangible world?

How will it deal with the everyday issues the public faces and deals with as a collective, affecting the daily lives of ALL social classes?


Healthcare • Education • Taxes • Rising energy costs • Housing • Daycare • Transportation • Social and Public Services • Child Protection and Welfare • Domestic abuse and violence • Poverty • Hunger • Natural Resources • Environmental issues • Climate change.


A5: A Meritocratic System will allow The Party of Objective Truth to address the critical issues affecting the lives of ALL of Ontario’s residents. We will achieve this through the reformation of Ontario’s Social Services. Very specifically:


  1. Ontario Works, and it’s subsidized support programs, but most importantly:
  2. Children’s Aid, and Child Protection Services – to specifically determine and eliminate any of the biases found during the assessment process resulting in the current states of:
  • Broken families
  • Missing and murdered children
  • Domestic abuse and violence
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Homelessness

And the resulting psychological states of mind from these social factors that contribute to the overall collective mental health of Ontario as a whole.


A Meritocratic Order recognizes the essential value of its’ paid Public Services.


Q6: What differentiates the POT Party and its platform from any of the current political narratives being promoted by the platforms of the Liberals, the PC, NDP, and the Green Parties?

A6: A Meritocratic Order applied with the economics of Social Capitalism recognizes that each of the Democratic systems of government and the platforms upon which the Liberal, PC, NDP, and Green Party agendas are all based, come from the formulated economics of Corporate Capitalism.

The spectrum of Democratic systems of government applied with Corporate Capitalism is inherently flawed, according to the numbers alone.

The Liberal, PC, NDP and Green Party platforms are economically incapable of bucking, or reversing the current trend of increased deficits, based on the inherent flaws of Democracy and mathematics of Corporate Capitalism alone.

These factors all have a direct impact on the social, economic, environmental, and mental health of the entire collective of Ontario.


Q7: What is the core identifying value at the very roots of the Party of Objective Truth?

A7: A Meritocratic Order applied with the economics of Socialized Capitalism is founded on the identification of the most valuable of all natural resources:


  • The X, and Y chromosomes, according to the valuation of Social Capitalism using pure numbers as the prime factoring commodity.


  • This is relative to the current standard of valuations by the Corporate Capitalist economic model which uses currency as the prime factoring commodity.


Q8: Why should Ontarians listen to yet another political platform in a broken system of government that is currently displaying a dismal track record of being unable to deliver on any of its promises?

A8: Because the people of Ontario are fed up.

If they are ready for a change, The Party of Objective Truth is a Meritocratic Order founded on the economic valuations and application of Social Capitalism which uses pure numbers as the prime factoring commodity, rather than currency.

Meritocracy, rather than broken Democracy.

Social Capitalism applied through reformation and ethical economics for benefit, rather than the economics of Corporate Capitalism principled for personal profit and gain.